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Future Green Studio designed the public park located in the heart of the Italian Village of Jersey City, NJ. Village Park seeks to bridge the historical nature of the neighborhood with a forward-thinking park design, drawing on themes of sustainability and the imagination. In salvaging existing park materials including concrete slabs, paving bricks, and steel bench slats, the design imbues the park with a sense of spatial memory and environmental conscientiousness.

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2,000 Gallon Project

Future Green Studio worked with the Gowanus Canal Conservancy and Alloy to bring their 2,000 Gallon Project in Gowanus to life. To learn more about the project visit www.2000gallonproject.com. The 2,000 Gallon Project reimagines the common commercial dumpster to make a visual statement about how retaining stormwater can help prevent combine sewage overflow into the Gowanus Canal.

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David Seiter's interview with PRI's Living on Earth podcast “The Value of Weeds” online now!

Future Green Studio’s project Spontaneous Urban Plants is featured on PRI's Living on Earth podcast “The Value of Weeds.” Listen here as David Seiter takes Living on Earth’s Helen Palmer on a tour of Red Hook, Brooklyn, showing off the mugwort and Queen Anne’s Lace and Tree of Heaven that sprout up through and along the sidewalks in this post-industrial neighborhood, and explains their value for cooling the city, conserving water and sequestering carbon.