Future Green Studio

Tribeca Penthouse

Manhattan, NY

This penthouse residence located in the heart of Tribeca includes two unique garden spaces. Drawing on conceptual themes of eidetic memory, we attempted to recreate an artificial analog to the woodland environment of the client’s youth. A glass-encased courtyard visible from the apartment interior creates a terrarium like condition where the landscape takes on a surreal, object-like quality. The courtyard was designed to mimic an ancient forest floor, defined by a garden of waxy-leaved plants and ferns. A pathway with walkable groundcovers and wood trunk pavers provide a simple path through the area. The garden area is lined with rusted metal pipe edging which allows for the soil to reach a suitable depth for the growth of a small flowering understory tree.

The transition from courtyard to rooftop is softened by a fascia that is adorned with ferns and other small woodland plants. The roof’s planting palette is made up largely of grasses, low growing perennials, and distinctive tree and shrub plantings. Some plants lie at grade with the paving and are treated as green roof areas, while others dwell in wood-clad planter boxes. All plants were selected for their drought-tolerance and suitability as wildlife habitat and pollinator attractors.

Photography courtesy of Young Projects

  • July 2015

  • 1584 square feet


  • Private Owner


  • Young Projects