Future Green Studio


South Bronx, NY

This project in the Bronx employs a diverse array of performative design strategies to maximize on-site stormwater capture and energy efficiency. The green roof consists of a patchwork planting plan which incorporates a control group of typical sedum plants usually used on extensive green roofs, in addition to selections from the native Hudson Valley rocky outcropping community (Bear Mountain) and the Long Island coastal beach community (Fire Island).

A green wall planted with drought-tolerant grasses and perennials lends the garden a visual focal point and functions as the backdrop to a custom wood platform sculpture which doubles as an informal outdoor classroom. Green screens with rapid-growing deciduous and evergreen twining vines expand the surface areas for vertical greening and filter views from the roof while sequestering carbon dioxide emanating from the adjacent Bruckner Boulevard thoroughfare. Sub-irrigated planters maximize stormwater detention and minimize irrigation needs.

  • October 2011

  • 5300 square feet


  • Association for Energy Affordability