Future Green Studio

Garrison Residence

Garrison, NY

Located in upstate New York, this Garrison residence perches atop a dramatic valley. The landscape, which flows up and over the building, connects the house back into the surrounding environment by blurring the line between the constructed and the natural. The main approach to the building is up a stone-stepped berm which leads to a lushly planted green roof on top of the garage.

Small mounds and boulders, foraged from the site, are arranged throughout the landscape to further blend the house into the granite outcroppings that surround it. Given that this is a winter home for the family, the plantings were designed to be in bloom in the fall and early spring and special consideration was given to their winter form. The site also includes a private terrace on the 2nd floor with a green roof integrated between an outdoor living area and a custom hot tub.

Photography courtesy of Jason Sheldon & Gregory Sharp Architect

  • November 2013

  • 5 acres


  • Private Owner


  • Case Development & Gregory Sharp Architects