Future Green Studio

The Met Breuer

Manhattan, NY

Future Green Studio recently completed the second collaboration with the Swiss Landscape Architecture firm, Vogt Landscape Architects, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art at The Met Breuer’s sunken garden. One hundred forty Populus tremuloides, quaking aspen, with a ground cover of Vaccinium angustifolium, lowbush blueberry, were planted in the sunken garden at the Brutalist architectural masterpiece on Madison Avenue designed by architect Marcel Breuer.
The sunken garden of The Met Breuer is envisioned as a diorama. Vogt’s concept draws on two distinct forest typologies: the eastern forests of the Adirodacks and the colonies of quaking aspen that notably populate western states. Vaccinium angustifoloum was selected to represent the ground condition of eastern woods. For the installation, Future Green Studio explored a new application of planting for h eoffice in the use of blueberry sod, 3” thick pieces of layered roots and stems.

  • March 2016

  • 2400 square feet


  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art


  • Vogt Landscape Architects
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art