Future Green Studio

Riverwalk Point

Roosevelt Island, NY

This project includes an entrance garden, ground floor rear terrace garden, walking paths to the esplanade, shaded destinations near the waterfront, open lawn areas and meadows, and shaded forest areas with large deciduous trees and structural evergreens.

An entrance garden includes a driveway with a passenger drop off and turnaround. Mid-sized specimen flowering trees will provide a showy front to the building and help to soften the transition from the street to the building edge. A distinctive paving pattern of concrete pavers and attractive bollards will address the ground plane. Large landscape beds may anchor the base and corners of the building and be planted with large swathes of low-lying perennials and grasses.

The roof garden will be designed to include dining areas, grill stations, open areas for sunbathing and shaded areas for comfortable lounging. Rooftop garden elements may include concrete pavers, wood deck areas, a pergola, an outdoor kitchen, wood planters, and plantings. The plantings may be low maintenance evergreen shrubs, perennials, grasses and a few specimen trees. A south facing green wall adjacent to mechanical areas creates an impactful moment for the roof garden while buffering the noise created by the mechanical units.

Photo Credit: Kā€¢Taro Hashimura

  • August 2015

  • 19000 square feet


  • The Hudson Companies
  • The Related Companies


  • Handel Architects, LLP.