Future Green Studio

GA 2

4th Ward

Atlanta, GA


4th Ward is a dynamic new project in Atlanta, GA, located in the midtown district. Celebrating its connection to the city through the recently developed Atlanta Beltine, the contemporary architectural and landscape design come together into a lush and vibrant setting within the community. 

Sited on the former property of the Georgia Power company, this project includes a highly active public realm with pedestrian oriented street-scapes and plazas.  The landscape design is inspired by the descending terrain of the Appalachian Mountain range through the Piedmont region to the Atlantic Coastal Plain, echoing it’s changes with native and specimen plantings from each region.  A highly activated civic and retail core with a curbless street environment prioritizes the pedestrian’s participation and experience throughout the design. Lush gardens create a relaxed, informal space appealing to residents and office dwellers alike.